sabato 4 novembre 2017

The case against Darwin and evolution.

Blogger Robert writes:
I think I have a task for the Blog Police.
Darwin is misleading everyone.
Can we have a thorough investigation into his theory.

The RBB Blog Police will attempt to solve this little problem.

Most people believe one of three things:
  1. Evolution (the theory of) is probably correct.
  2. Human life on this planet started when a Christian god created Adam.
  3. None of these.
Let's look briefly at each notion.
  1. There is a lot of information available on the theory of evolution so we won't repeat it all here. Evolution is called a 'theory' because that's the way scientists work. In the world of science everything is up for scrutiny and nothing is beyond questioning. If one goes along with this theory, it becomes impossible to read The Bible and take it literally.
  2. If one takes the story (from The Bible) of Adam and Eve literally, the theory of evolution goes out the window. It follows logically that, if you take this story literally, you are probably also going to believe that Noah built a boat and somehow got two of every species aboard (without the preditors eating most of the pairs). How did Noah get the polar bears, for example, onboard? Did the fish swim alongside the boat? 
  3. I like this option because it reminds me of those old multi-choice tests we had in the 1960s. Basically this option covers everything else or nothing else. It was an option in those old tests that one often picked when the other options were too hard to understand. Still, it's a valid option and many people around the world have different beliefs that would fit best in this option.
So, does Robert have a case?

It seems that Robert puts his vote with either option 2 or option 3.
It is not really the job of the RBB Blog Police to make a ruling on which of these three options is more likely to be correct. In any case, if we were to say, "The Bible is a load of shit, especially when taken literally." I don't think it would change Robert's thinking. 
However, it is the finding of the RBB Blog Police that option 1 should not be dismissed without thorough research.

This case is now closed and no more correspondence will be looked into.

3 commenti:

  1. Bogus!
    I don't believe that Robert asked that question.
    The spelling and grammar were correct.


    Capitano Riccardo Testore

  3. You can not even quote Darwin properly "The theory of the Evolution of the Species"!
    Why should I read further?